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Access Genealogy: Indiana Genealogy – This site gives hundreds of genealogy links. – This site allows one free genealogy lookup per day from a wide selection of databases.  There are also links to other sites.

Cemeteries Around the World – This site gives burial information in different cemeteries all over the world.

Cyndi’s List of Genealogy Sites on the Internet – This site is a listing of hundreds of links for genealogy research.

Daughters of the American Revolution – This site shows genealogy information, membership information, a look into their museum and so much more.

Dead Fred – A genealogy photo archive

Ellis Island Passenger Arrival Records – This site is filled with information about Ellis Island, including famous people who passed through it’s gates.

Find a Grave – Search for famous and non-famous people’s graves on this site.

Genealogy Resources – This site is a listing of various sites you can join for finding information on your relatives including birth certificates, death certificates, marriages, baptisms, etc.

GEDCOM 101 The basic principles and formats of a GEDCOM file. – Genealogy links. – Genealogy links.

The Genealogy Home Page – An extensive collection of links.

Genealogical Research in Indiana – Definitions of terms used in genealogy. – Links to genealogy sites.

GeneaNet – Genealogical database network.  Available in 7 languages.

Heraldry on the Internet – Information on family “Coat of Arms”.

Indiana Genealogical Society – This site is easy access to the Indiana Genealogical Society.

Indiana Historical Society – Access to Indiana Historical Society site.

Indiana State Archives – This site is maintained by the State of Indiana.

Indiana State Library Genealogy Databases – Access to the Indiana State Library databases.

Indiana State Library: Genealogy Division – Access to the Indiana State Library Genealogy Division.

Interactive FamilySearch – A service of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.

Mennonite Church USA Historical Committee and Archives – Access to Mennonite death records.

MennObits – Amish and Mennonite obituaries.

National Genealogical Society – Access to the National Genealogical Society.

National Park Service Civil War Project – This is a link to the National Park Service website and takes you right to their Civil War Project.

Naturalization Records Prior to 1951 – This site accesses Indiana state records of naturalization.

Public Record Searches – Search for public records by Indiana county.

The Records Project – How to locate state and county public records. – Access to which is an affiliate of

The Seeker – Find your missing friends and relatives.

Social Security Death Index – Access via

State Libraries of the United States – Access to the state library of every state.

Tribal Pages – Website for making family trees.

USA People Search: Big List of Genealogy Links

US Census Records – Access to US Census Records via various sites.

US Genealogy Society – Access to USGenNet.

USGenWeb Census  Project – Access to USGenWeb Census Project.

The USGenWeb Project – This website provides you with links to all the state websites which, in turn, provide gateways to the counties. – United States vital records information.

The WorldGenWeb Project – A not-for-profit volunteer genealogical organization dedicated to the free access of genealogical information by anyone in the world.