Curbside Pickup

  • Pickup will be by appointment.
  • The check out limit is 20 items.
  • Please return items in the outside book drop. Staff will not accept them from you.
  • Your account must be in good standing. Fines must be under $10 and your account must be active (not expired). You can call if you’d like to check your account status.
  • Multiple family members can pick up their items at the same appointment.
  • Some items may not be available right away or at all. We will let you know which items we are not able to check out to you.
  • Staff will need time to gather your items, so we will call you to set up a pickup time when we are ready.
  • A checkout receipt will be included in your bag with the due dates highlighted.

Pickup Procedure

1.  Patrons will put items on hold through their online accounts or call in their order if they do not have access to a computer. If a patron calls in their order, they need to give their name and library card number.

2.   Staff will gather the items and call the patrons to set up a pickup time. If a patron does not receive a call within 24 hours, the patron may need to call the library. (The library may not have the patron’s current phone number.)

3.   Patrons will call the library when they have arrived, giving their name, card number, and color of their car. If a family member is picking up for the patron, the patron needs to tell library staff so we know who to look for.

4.   Items will be placed in a grocery bag and put on the bench outside the library. Patrons need to wait until staff have gone back to the doorway before getting their books.

  • Alternate procedures for when it is raining: Patrons can pick up their items at the bottom south door at the side of the steps.