Web Sites For Kids

ALA Great Web Sites for Kids – A site to make learning fun through game play.   This site is sponsored by The Association for Library Service to Children.

AR Bookfinder – If your child participates in the Renaissance Learning and test taking, you can use this site to look up the level of books, what the points available for each book are and to take the tests.

Ben’s Guide to U.S. Government for Kids – This site is a learning tool provided by the US Government Printing office.  It teaches kids at all levels of learning about our government.

Cool Science for Curious Kids – This site is provided by the Howard Hughes Medical Institute.  It has articles and interactive learning about medical information.

Exploratorium – This site is maintained by the Exploratorium Museum.  It is everything science.

Figure This! – This site teaches students math through challenges that make them think of what the answer could be.  This site is maintained by The National Council of Teachers of Mathmatics.

Funology – the Science of Having Fun! – This site helps kids learn through recipes, crafts, jokes, trivia, magic and so much more.

Great Craft Ideas for Kids – This site shows craft ideas for kids of all ages.

Inside the Animal Mind – This site is provided by PBS and teaches kids about animals through pictures and videos.

Ology- American Museum of Natural History – This site teaches kids of all ages about the study of living and non-living things.

Science Bob – This site shows how to make science projects that are fun.

TumbleBooks of the Day  – This site is a joint project between TumbleBookLibrary and the Indiana State Library. The project provides free daily content for families, schools and public libraries in order to promote literacy and a love of reading.